TSG Team

Ashley Wilson, Co-Founder

Co-founder of Triangle Spokes Group, Ashley Wilson is passionate about children and creating an outlet to give back in the community.  The unique approach to making sure all children have that sense of freedom that we all got when we rode away on our very first bike was the vision that Jenn Nowalk and Ashley Wilson had in February of 2007 at the inception of Triangle Spokes Group.  The group strives to Pedal Joy to each and every child in the Triangle.Currently Ashley Wilson serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors.  Her involvement in the group is just as much if not more than day one.  Although more supporters have joined the cause and the Board of Directors has grown, her passion still runs deep and hands on involvement in events, fundraising, and planning is just as important as when it was a two man shop.

"This is my outlet to children in our community.  After teaching in public schools, I know the need for giving on all different levels.  Necessities are met through many organizations, and it is my mission to make sure that children get to play- Play on a BIKE-We Pedal Joy to the Triangle!"

Jenn Nowalk, Co-Founder

As an integral part of the organization, Jenn Nowalk's main focus is to raise money, make connections, network and establish relationships in order to gain donations and awareness to increase the number of bicycles the Triangle Spokes Group will distribute to underprivileged children.

“I think it is important to give back to your community and especially children. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my siblings and I riding around the neighborhood on our bikes….there was just such a sense of freedom and pride of ownership that I think that all children should have.  It is a great way for them to get out and explore, as well as be creative with their friends.”

Rich Nowalk

Rich works to build relationships in the Triangle community and surrounding businesses to help the Triangle Spokes Group reach their annual goals. 

“I think it is so important to give back and get involved in the communities we all live in.  The Triangle Spokes Group has allowed us to meet so many great partners, donors, families and most importantly put smiles on the faces of children every year.  To me that it is what it is all about – the Smiles!!”

Brad Carroll

 Brad is Owner and President of Dakno Marketing and handles all the website design and database management for Triangle Spokes Group.  A passionate cyclist himself and the joy bikes brings to his children is a natural fit for Brad.   

"As a father to three young kids, I've seen first hand how much a new bike means to a kid. Being a part of a great organization that gives that joy to so many deserving kids is an amazing experience."


Janet Kennedy

 Janet Kennedy came to the Triangle Spokes Group through the relationship building of Board Member Rich Nowalk. A committed community volunteer and nonprofit advocate, Janet assists the group with strategic planning, partnership building and all-around evangelizing. She is founder of "5 Bucks is Change" a nonprofit initiative encouraging friends to join together in micro-giving efforts through fun events. Janet is heavily involved in TIMA, Triangle Interactive Marketing Association and Merry Mingle planning.  Janet is also the Director Market Development for Market Vue Partners, a boutique market research and tactical marketing firm.

"The Triangle Spokes Group is one one of my favorite local charities because it is a grassroots group with huge potential to serve many children. Best of all, they provide joy, family fun and an exercise outlet to families in need."

Allison Breeding

Allison is a long time supporter of Triangle Spokes Group.  Wanting to get involved and help out, Allison manages all of our book-keeping and thank you cards for TSG. Allison is very organized and gets things done.  As a mother of 2 young girls she know the joy a bike can bring and wants to bring joy to many children in the Triangle that can't help themselves. 

Randy Dykes

Randy has a passion for helping others.  Whether it be setting up for races, volunteering time to help out at events, or spreading the word about a great organization.  Randy teamed up with TSG after the 1st Annual LoneRider Kick-off the Holidays event because he did such a great job of working the door, we knew we needed him on our team.  Randy serves on the board and handles much of the brewery events- Crank Arm, New Beligum Tour De Fat details and LoneRider Kick off the Holidays parties.   

Kristie Bramwell

Joining Triangle Spokes Group in the fall of 2011, Kristie coordinates all of our PR.  Through press releases and media opportunities, Kristie helps to keep Triangle Spokes Group a continually growing organization and provides contributors an additional way to stay connected year round.

 I'm excited to combine two of my biggest passions - communications and fitness - together for such an important and rewarding purpose. In many ways social media is a lot like word-of-mouth communication. Although most of my involvement happens "behind the scenes," it is an honor to keep conversations about TSG flowing. An informed and passionate dialogue with the community helps sustain our core mission!

Lacy Bailey

Lacy Bailey comes to TSG as an extra pair of hands eager to help out! Always ready for fundraising and manual labor at our awesome events, she brings a creative light to the team!

“I am so blessed to be a part of such a worthy cause and great team! I look forward to helping give a record number of bikes away (every year) to great kids and I want my own kids to see what an awesome thing it is to give to others!”

Mike Williamson

Mike comes to the TSG team as an online assistant keeping the TSG site fresh and clean! Mike has a passion for wanting to help people and doing whatever it takes to further the cause of TSG!

"Just seeing the smiles on the families faces when they show up to pick up their bikes is all I need. There is no greater joy then knowing you gave joy to someone else"

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