Triangle Spokes Group Annual Bike Giveaway

Hooray!! This is what we work toward all year long!! In fourteen short years, Triangle Spokes Group, has given away over 6,600 bicycles.  That is 6,600 children who had a brighter holiday and a chance to experience the fun and freedom a bike can bring! We could not do it with out the generous support of donors, corporations and events that contribute to the purchase of the new bicycles.  Through a great partnership with Huffy bicycles, we are able to purchase a new bicycle and helmet for $85.  100% of the donations go toward the bike purchase and to the kids.   By teaming up with the Salvation Army we are able to find the families who will receive the bicycles.  They will not know they will be receiving a bicycle until they make their way through the Salvation Army Toy Shop.  The last stop is to TSG where they will find out if they will be going home with one of the most coveted prizes- a brand new bike!  

This year the Salvation Army will have over 3,600 families and over 7,700 children who will come to them for help.  The 2020 bike distribution dates this year will be December 15th, 16th and 17th and run from 9am to 4pm each day.  We will be arranging volunteer opportunities to help give out the bikes on a first come, first serve basis.  If you would like to consider helping out for 2-4 hour shifts, please contact Jenn at | 919.454.8173

Here are some pictures from previous giveaways:

2019 :: 500+ Shiny New Bicycles 




2018 :: 835+ Shiny New Bicycles 

2017 :: 800+ Shiny New Bicycles 



2016 :: 756 Shiny New Bicycles 

2016 Bike Giveaway

2015 :: 615 Shiny New Bicycles 

2014 :: 500 Shiny New Bicycles 



Bikes also given to Bike Smart Grow Smart


2013 :: 550 Shiny New Bicycles 

Santa with lisa and Jenn  Ginger at 2013 table  working the table 2013  2013 woman with bike    2013 bikes elf    2013 volunteers 

2012 :: 500 Shiny New Bikes Given to Area Families 

2012 Bike Giveaway    2012 Bikes Lined Up  

The Early Days ::When we were still outside for the bike giveaways

   Jenn and Ashley early days

Photos from Our Last Event

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